Flash Memory

I have been doing more work on flash memories and decided to write up the notes I have been taking.

This article is about the technology behind flash memory: how data is stored, the architecture of flash memories and (briefly) how data is read, written and erased. (This may turn into a series with more detail on various aspects of flash technology.)

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Airtable for project planning

A while ago, I found myself with more work than usual, for several different clients. There were about a dozen projects to finish in a few weeks and I was beginning to lose track of where I was with all of them. I looked around at various tools that would help keep on top of all this. Most were too complex for my needs, and very few were free (or nearly free). In the end, I found one I am really happy with.

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Nearly all of the work I have done in the last few years has been either ghost-writing or confidential documentation, only available to customers under NDA. As a result, I don’t have many examples of recent work.

This blog is mainly a place to put a few articles I have written to fill that gap.